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At Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic, we utilize a multidimensional approach in treating acute & chronic pain that result from illnesses or sports injury. Our experienced team blends years of medical experience in pain management with the natural approach of naturopathic medicine, providing you with an effective approach to gain control over your pain!

What is Pain?

Medically speaking, pain is a complex experience which is influenced by psychological factors as well as by a sequence of physiological events initiated by physical injuries or pathologic conditions. The International Association for the Study of Pain defined it as an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage”

This means that treatment should be directed to not only to pain but also to each person’s individual presentation of that pain.

When pain is presented in the body, it can result from a variety of different factors, and if the source of the pain is not treated correctly, then progress will be minimal.

Pain Ease’s approach is different: we assess the person, not the pain. Pain should be treated as a disease entity, not as symptom or manifestation of previous trauma or a metabolic condition. Therefore, collaboration between specialized health care practitioners is crucial for addressing different angles of pain. In any pain presentation, neurofunctional, metabolic, hormonal, psychological, nutritional, detoxification and biomechanical aspects should be addressed before any structural correction.

Pain is not just physical dysfunction!

Although muscle and joints dysfunction and it’s consequence of pain is not necessarily a life-threatening condition, anyone who has experience pain can attest to the potential it has to devastate our quality of life and the lifestyle we typically take for granted! Physical pain can affect every part of your life and leave you helpless,It affects your sleep, exercising, working, your entertainment time…etc.It is also hard to deal with as it is invisible, subjective, relative and intangible.

The Real Cause of Pain

It may be hard to believe, but structural damage does not always result in pain! For example, if you take two patients with identical structural damage, there will often be a significant variation in how they perceive and report their pain levels! In fact, your brain’s association with the structural damage is the real cause of your pain. (Please keep in mind that we are referring to your physical brain, not the thinking mind).

The Body & The Mind: Neuroplasticity

At Pain Ease Naturopathic Clinic, we treat the muscular dysfunction, your body’s physical limitation, and help your mind handle your pain perception. We teach our patients an important skill set: to dissociate their structural damage with any pain that they have.

Your brain is very easily influenced by itself, and a mental experience can cause your neurons to change their physical structure to process it! With repeated thoughts, we can retrain and rewire your brain as the synaptic connections between the neurons become stronger with repetition. This results in neurons that are faster, stronger, sharper, and more attuned to the experience that you allow your mind to focus on. Simply put, your brain is malleable and can change it’s structure through repetition. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity.

The Tools Don’t Make a Doctor!

Anyone can buy tools and machines to help pain, but only years of dedicated experience and a focus in pain management can actually put these tools to use. The ‘magic’ is actually in the skills of the healthcare professionals, not in the tools!

This example applies particularly to pain management; the more your doctor understands how the pain is interpreted by your brain, the more could be done to alleviate it. The more we focus on improving your functional goals (such as getting your quality of life back), the more effective the therapeutic outcomes.

Pain Ease’s Methodology: Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

One effective method to alleviate pain is by embracing a neurofunctional approach to modulate the pain and/or other dysfunctions of the nervous system, along with their effectors (muscles, vessels, glands, immune cells, etc.). This is accomplished with a peripheral nerve stimulation technique that is performed fine solid needles and low frequent micro electric current.

If the pathologic conditions that cause chronic pain are maintained for a long period of time, the nerve structure will alter itself and the nervous connectivity will affect the stimulus-response characteristics of the pain. This maladaptive neuroplasticity means that chronic pain changes the neuron structure, increasing their excitability and synaptic transmission within the nervous system. Peripheral nerve stimulation can mitigate the changes in the chemical milieu of the nociceptor terminals, which will lead to pain threshold alteration that required initiating and discharging an action potential.

Focusing on Therapeutic Outcomes to Ensure Your Satisfaction!

Pain Ease’s approach focus on therapeutic outcomes , in simple words,We determine your current function, identify any functional limitations and severity, work on modifiable factors, and track outcome. 

Why Do We Track your Therapy Outcomes?

By creating a quantitative measure of effectiveness and efficiency of our treatment, we can track your results and also track your satisfaction!! At admission, you will complete an assessment specific to the body part or impairment that needs treatment. From these responses, the functional status measure score is calculated. This is a score between 0-100 that represents your functional ability.

Dr Abdullah Abd Elaziz,ND

Dr. Abdullah Abd Elaziz,ND has an uncommon background that really shines in the area of pain management. Abdullah was a practicing Anesthesiologist and Pain management  Doctor  in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and upon his arrival to Canada, he decided to become a Naturopathic DoctorAbdullah Completed a Pain management and Anesthesiology 4 years residency program in a University Hospital in Egypt before becoming  Naturopathic Doctor and a member of College of Naturopath of Ontario , Dr Abdullah Further his training in Naturopathic medicine and  graduated from a two years program of Clinical Naturopathic Residency at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

He combines thirteen years of experience in the field of conventional medicine pain management as  regional and axial nerve block with his naturopathic medical training and incorporation of Naturopathic modalities  to come up with a unique model of pain management.He also has an extensive research background on Elderly pain management.

This model of treatment uses non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques to alleviate the pain: with no drugs or chemicals while sill effectively freeing his patients from their pain.

For over sixteen years in the medical field, he has helped patients with acute and chronic pain related to sports injuries, post-operative, post-ICU rehabilitation, and cancer.

Dr. Abd Elaziz,ND started his career as a medical doctor in Egypt in 2003. He completed a four-year residency in anesthesia and pain management, and since then worked as an Anesthesiologist in several countries before settling down in Canada. After ten years in the field of pain management and nerve related conditions, Dr. Abd Elaziz,ND decided to study naturopathic medicine.
Training in naturopathic medicine allowed him to add more treatment options and taught him how to individualize a treatment plan that caters to the uniqueness of each and every patient.
In order to increase the likelihood of success of a treatment plan, Dr. Abd Elaziz,ND tries to understand both the complexity and the individuality of pain presentation; in other words, he looks beyond the “cookie-cutting” approach so deeply rooted in the traditional “one-size-fits-all” approach. He always assesses the person first, not the pain. As pain is a complex, multi-level, unpleasant sensory or emotional experience. That means that the while pain is the target, understanding the root cause (e.g. metabolic, psychological, neurogenic, etc.) of the pain helps guide a more effective, comprehensive treatment plan.
He also has a wide range of experience providing pain relief for cancer pain patients ,elderly pain management, sports injuries and post-operative pain.
He currently teaches Naturopathic Medical Student at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and supervises Naturopathic Interns students rotations at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic in Toronto.
Typical patients seek his expertise in pain management and nerve related problems as neuropathy, post-stroke rehabilitation, postoperative pain and post-ICU recovery.

Pain-Related Conditions Treated


  • Post-operative/surgical pain
  • Different joint pain (hip, knee ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist)
  • Tendinitis (Achilles tear, muscle cramps)
  • Upper and low back pain
  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Post-thoracotomy pain syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Sport injuries
  • Cancer pain
  • Pain relief while you are on a waiting list for knee and hip replacement and post replacement Rehabilitation
  • Post-ICU (intensive care unit) muscle stiffness and nerve rehabilitation

Neurological Conditions:

  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Chemotherapy complication in general
  • Post-stroke muscle and nerve rehabilitation
  • Facial palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis-related pain
  • Generalized pain
  • Sciatica pain

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