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Our Core Values

We care about our patients, which is why our naturopathic doctors developed a set of core values to ensure that every patient is treated uniquely and receives the highest care possible. Read more on each below.

  1. Continuous Care & Ongoing Support
  2. Patient-centred Care & Evidence-Based Practice
  3. Medically Trained
  4. Naturally Focused

Continuous Care & Ongoing Support

Patient Centered Care & Evidence-Based Practice

We care about our patients, which is why our naturopathic doctors developed a set of core values to ensure that every patient is treated uniquely and receives the highest care possible. Read more on each below.

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

The accepted definition of evince-based practice is:

“the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values” (Sackett et al. 2000).

Only when these three elements are integrated can physicians and patients form a diagnostic and therapeutic alliance with optimized clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Medically Trained

At Pain Ease, our Naturopathic Doctors understand that your health is unique to you. Our naturopathic clinic is unlike any other, bridging traditional medicine to bring you an experience rooted in science and personalization.

Dr. Abdullah Abd Elaziz

Dr. Abd Elaziz graduated from Medical School in Egypt and started his career as a medical doctor in 2003. Afterward, he completed a four-year residency program in anesthesia and pain management in 2008 and worked as an anesthesiologist in several countries before settling in Canada.

After ten years in pain management and nerve-related conditions, Dr. Abd Elaziz decided to study naturopathic medicine. His practice is currently focused on pain management. For over thirteen years, he has helped patients with acute and chronic pain related to sports injuries, post-operative and post-ICU rehabilitation, and cancer pain.

Read more about Dr. Abd Elaziz’s practice.

Naturally Focused

Ontario’s Naturopathy Act, 2007 defines it as “the assessment of diseases, disorders and dysfunctions and the naturopathic diagnosis and treatment of
diseases, disorders and dysfunctions using naturopathic techniques to promote, maintain or restore health.” This may seem ambiguous, so let’s explore it and make sense of it!

Naturopathic Diagnosis

A naturopathic diagnosis is communicated to a patient by a naturopathic doctor. Providing a diagnosis is one of several restricted acts only available to a handful of regulated healthcare professionals, so this is not a responsibility to be taken lightly!

Naturopathic Techniques

As naturopathic doctors, we are trained in many different techniques and modalities that help serve our patients best and help us identify the root cause of disease. Historically, naturopathy was the combination of natural cures such as diet, rest, exercise, and water therapy. This is different than modern naturopathy as we practice at Pain Ease, which strives to blend scientific, evidence-based best practices with traditional techniques and modalities.

Some of these techniques and modalities we use 

  • Clinical assessment and patient history
  • Physical examination
  • Laboratory tests and diagnostic testing
  • Medical herbalism
  • Chinese medicine psychological counsel
  • Psychological counsel
  • Medical nutrition

The Goal of Naturopathy is to:

  • Assess and treat the individual (mind and body)
  • Identify the root cause (not just symptoms)
  • Educate patients to help prevent illness(es) from occurring

Where Does Naturopathic Medicine Shine?

Naturopathy’s strengths lie in primary care (the first encounter with disease), chronic disease management, and disease prevention. Naturopathic is not the best model for emergency care or intensive care.

What Naturopathy Is:

  • Great at getting to the actual cause of a disease instead of just hiding symptoms
  • Supportive and integrative
  • Educational (e.g. informed consent and choice)
  • A different option

What Naturopathy Isn’t:

  • Anti-vaccination
  • Anti-medication
  • Alternative to cancer treatment

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