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Men's Health

As a doctor, it’s common to see men ignore their health concerns and deny themselves of medical treatment. They hope that sweeping the issue under the rug means it will go away by itself, but it’s always better to ask and get help than to suffer silently. Most male health concerns are very common, and many doctors have answers to get you back on your feet!

Prostate Health

The prostate is a gland that sits just in front of the rectum in males. It’s responsible for making fluid that nourishes sperm, and the combination of this fluid and sperm is called semen. There are three main medical conditions that a man can develop in his prostate:
  • Prostatitis – this is an inflammation of the prostate that is may be caused by a bacterial infection.
  • Enlarged prostate – this is called benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH, and develops in most men over age 50. It’s a harmless enlargement of the prostate gland, and although it’s not dangerous, the symptoms can be troublesome.
  • Prostate cancer – the most common type of cancer in men, prostate cancer rarely leads to death.
All three of these conditions can cause difficulty with urination and getting or maintaining an erection. Regular prostate exams can help detect enlargement of the gland, and a blood test for PSA can help determine if there is BPH or cancer. Sometimes a biopsy may be recommended.
Conventional treatment for BPH includes medication that relaxes the muscles of the urethra or shrinks the prostate. Naturopathic doctors have natural alternatives that are safe and effective!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Though it is a very common condition, men have a hard time admitting to ever having erectile dysfunction. Simply stated, ED is when a man is unable to maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. This happens to most men from time to time, but if it is an ongoing concern, seeking medical advice can help greatly. Erectile dysfunction may be a side effect of medications, or it may be associated with physical or psychological problems.
Heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes can all cause ED, as can depression and high stress. While conventional treatments include medications like Viagra, naturopathic medicine focuses on the root cause of your ED so you can heal it for good. We also provide supplementation to help blood flow through your whole body in a healthier way, which in turn makes it easier to get and maintain an erection.


Like ED, it’s normal to have a low sex drive from time to time. However, a continuously low libido may be a sign of something else going on. Just like with erectile dysfunction, naturopathic doctors look for the root cause of your low libido so that you can get back to a healthy and happy sex life. Low libido can be a result of high stress, low testosterone, medication side effects, and psychological problems, to name a few. Treating whatever’s at the root of your low libido will be the key to getting it back.

Exercise & Nutrition

Whether it’s fatherhood, career, or general life stress, many men develop decreased exercise levels and increased weight as they age. Naturopathic doctors are trained to coach you in proper diet plans and support you in exercise regimes so you can be healthy and in shape. Getting the right amounts of nutrients can be challenging, and NDs can help educate you to make food choices that nourish your body. Even a simple diet and exercise adjustments make big differences in mood, energy, sleep, and stress levels.


A lot of focus is given to women in couples who are trying to conceive, but the male partner’s health is equally as important. Beyond sperm counts, there are tests to ensure your sperm’s DNA is healthy, and lifestyle adjustments that can increase your chances of conception. Mitochondrial and antioxidant support can help create healthy sperm so that you can help create a healthy baby, and we all want that!
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