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Children's Health

A happy and healthy child makes an even happier parent. From birth to puberty, there are many of health concerns that can affect kids, and many natural ways to address those concerns.


It can be scary to be the parent of a child with an anaphylactic allergy. Bees and peanuts are the best-known examples, and thankfully, many public environments are peanut-free for just this reason! Knowing what to do in an emergency can save your child’s life, but what if it’s not an emergency? Less severe allergies are common, too, especially to wheat, dairy, corn, shellfish, eggs, and soy. Maybe you notice rashes, hives, or wheezing and want help identifying what foods your child shouldn’t eat. Naturopathic doctors can offer lab tests to help identify allergies to help your child be as healthy as possible and take the worry out of eating!


Autism is a developmental disorder where there is trouble communicating and interacting with other people. It develops in early childhood. You may notice your child isn’t speaking at the same level as their peers, or maybe they aren’t playing or connecting with other kids. Autism can be challenging for the whole family, and there are diet interventions and supplements that can improve your child’s presence and social skills.

Appetite & Picky Eating

Most kids aren’t famous for liking broccoli. A lot of kids have adjusted to the sugary sodas and processed flavors that make up so much of the standard Western diet with their palettes being programmed to crave sweet, artificially bright things, and it can be difficult to reset their taste-buds. Teaching your kids how to choose healthy foods and flavor profiles early on can help set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating.
How about when children won’t eat their toast or drink their milk? Kids often know instinctively which foods they’re sensitive to, and may avoid them no matter how much you try to get them to eat. Other times, poor appetite and picky eating might be a sign of stress or anxiety. Kids are sensitive to their environments and eating behaviours might be a window into their world. Naturopathic doctors can do food allergy testing to find out which food aversions are real, and we’re trained in counseling to help uncover any emotional or psychological issues that may be behind picky eating.

Behavioral Issue

Kids can develop several behavioral issues in response to their environment. ADHD, defiant or opposing attitudes are quite common and can be especially hard to deal with as parents- we know things can be difficult.
It’s important to include both mental/emotional and physical considerations when helping your child to be healthy. This includes identifying sources of stress and anxiety, and also identifying and removing any foods that your child may be sensitive to. Common triggers for ADHD include food additives (like dyes and preservatives) and salicylates.


Colic is the uncontrollable crying in an infant. A baby that won’t stop crying can be overwhelming, and while some crying is a normal part of development, extended bouts of it may be a sign of stress or food allergy. Allergy-causing foods in the mom’s diet can be transferred during breastfeeding, and allergy testing for the mom can make a big difference for the child, and everyone’s sleep.

Developmental Delay

Nobody wants their child to be the last to reach developmental milestones. While it’s normal for people to develop at different rates, there are factors that contribute to developmental delay in kids. Undiagnosed celiac disease, food allergies, and other illnesses can all cause poor nutrition and delay in your child’s development. If you feel like your child has any developmental delays, please see your naturopathic doctor quickly so your child can be assessed and treated. The slower the reaction, the harder these delays can be when treating them.

Digestive Troubles

Ah. Diarrhea, constipation, and vomiting: the joys of parenthood. Babies are always going to have digestive issues, but too much of any of these are a) no fun and b) possibly a sign of something deeper going on. Stress and anxiety can cause digestive troubles, and food allergies and improper bacterial balance can play a role. Correcting these things can improve your child’s digestion.

Ear Infections

Frequent ear infections, also known as acute otitis media (AOM), are often a sign of food sensitivities or an underdeveloped immune system. Identifying these foods, and making sure there’s a proper balance of bacteria in your child’s body can both make reduce how many ear infections your child gets.
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